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Why work at Nicols


Message of the CEO Jean Klimis

The story of Nicols begins in 1890, on a small Greek Island called Kalymnos, heart of a natural sponge fishery in the Mediterranean sea.

Jean Klimis, a young 15-year-old man leaves his country and his family for a brighter future. After a long journey, he arrived in Belgium in 1897 and founded his company. 20 years later, his company became the European leader in the sector of sponges.

In 1939, the worldwide war put an end to the business but in 1947, the founder’s son, Nicolas, rebuilt everything from scratch, in a small house in Brussels. He used to say “I owned nothing but the one thing I held on to : a crazy will to succeed !”. He then created his own brand, “Nicols”, and within 20 years , he became leader of the Belgian market…. 30 years after this, Nicolas was joined by his two sons, Pierre and Jean. Nicols started manufacturing and began its conquest with the French market and one priority : Private labels. In 20 years-time, Nicols became the leader of Private Label business in France and then in Europe !


What do these three generations of Nicols’ directors have in common? One single word : Passion! Passion to win together in excellence. One of our three values.

The second characteristic of Nicols’ teams is integrity and transparence. In a family culture, we share everything with one another. No politics, no hidden agenda… We share the same objectives and help each other to win.

The third value is also linked to the family history : respect. Respect of his/her colleagues, from the top to the bottom of the pyramid, but also of his/her external partners. This value for respect does not mean that we are not demanding. And we expect a lot from ourselves to begin with.

Nicols attaches considerable importance to creating a friendly working atmosphere where everyone feels good and can grow. This state of mind is reflected in our motto : “a family company, where we feel home!”

A friendly whilst demanding working environment, respectful of people, encouraging diversity, a passion to win, an entrepreneurship mind, here are a few values that define Nicols and its teams. And certainly the keys to our success in 70 years of existence!


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